(Short Story) - From shy, to overly confident and then, a realization

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(Short Story) - From shy, to overly confident and then, a realization

Post by Aexel7 on Fri Apr 19, 2013 4:55 pm

I am shy, I don’t know how to approach the opposite sex

But that’s okay, I want them to approach me, and get to know me for who I am

I may not be the best looking, nor am I very fit

But it’s all about personality, right?

I look with a slight envy at all the beauties coming by, silently hoping they would give a look my way

But every time they do, I am too shy to meet their eyes

I don’t truly know whether they do

But that’s okay, because eventually, one will approach me, one who cares for who I am

Oh, one has approached me, fit as a fiddle

Her body so well made, her hair flowing in the wind

Her speech is impeccable, her attitude that of an angel

We discuss and see eye to eye, I want her to be my companion

But oh no! She won’t take me for a significant other

Says our friendship is worth so much more

What a load of bullshit, she doesn’t know what she’s missing.

Off I go on the internet, to look at pretty naked girls

With my trusty hand as my partner

Oh, another has approached me, but look at her

She doesn’t take care of herself, her hair in tangles, her body disproportionate

Too skinny, too fat, not altogether right for my liking,

She is good conversation, seems to have a head on her shoulders

But I rather not, she would make for a good friend.

Another loss today, back to the internet, I hear a new star got naughty

The things I’d do to her…

I don’t understand, perhaps it is the way I look, or the way I am guess I must improve some things

Regulate my diet, exercise everyday

Read books, learn science, philosophy, and build confidence in myself.

A good 6 months passed

And look at me, I am pretty fit

My muscles finally showing signs of appearance, my body better proportionate

My face and hair oxidized by constant effort

I can finally consider myself handsome

I walk on the streets, with a confidence elevated

Go to bars, and to clubs, some ladies seem to be shooting me looks

But why won’t they come forward, should I make the move?

No, because I am me, I became interesting, they must find out for themselves

I am a lion, I am a falcon, I may not be able to look at them straight in the eyes

But that’s okay, I know I look good, they know it too.

Oh look, another has approached me

Pretty average, nothing too special

Seems too shy to say things straight

And I don’t know how to reply

But that’s okay, it’s all on her to do things right

Because I am not a wolf, I am a noble steed

To get to know me, you have to dig deeper, I am an ocean of knowledge and charm.

I am not altogether interested,

Though I am much more in the fine redhead woman I notice all the men are staring at

Seems to be ignoring me, turning away from me, guess that’s her loss.

Tonight, we exercise more, and end the night with Nina Mercedez.

Still, why won’t any woman come to me?

I am not altogether picky

I want one who is nice, cooks well, speaks well, isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind and go into action

Is that so hard to find?

Perhaps I must improve further, make myself more of a catch.

Take classes of literature, psychology, astrophysics the art of debate

Make a regiment even harsher on my body for improvement

Now look at me, 3 months down the line

My body rippling with muscles, my body so perfectly proportionate

I am one, tight, good looking foxy tiger.

I walk down the streets, once more, confidence in my posture

Still can’t look at woman in the eyes

But why should I have to?

I am a man amongst men

With knowledge and power in my mind and body

I go around to places, looking and looking for one who wants me

They all seem to give me looks, but can’t seem to give it back

A number of them approached me, all better looking than any of the ones I had before

But it seems they aren’t interested in my personality so much as my body

I could get any of them in bed, at any time

But I won’t, I am much higher than that

I can control my instincts and my urges

Because I am a Don Juan, I know what I want

I want that woman over there, that I saw 3 to 4 months prior

Beautiful electric blue eyes

Flashing bright red hair

The face of my dreams

The body I so craved

I bet she lifts

I want to get to know her personality

But somehow, I can’t get myself to…she gives me a look,

I hold the stare for a couple of seconds, but then quickly look away

It seems I can’t look upon her quite yet

But I’ve done my utmost to be the me I am today

What else could I be missing?

Should I keep telling myself that it’s all upon them?

When swerves of men come to her everyday, craving her like a trophy?

No more, no more of that baseless confidence

No more of the online naked hotties nor of my trusty hand partner

If I want this one, I’m going to have to work for it.

I know I can attract, but I must show my personality to that one

The slight smile she gave me, was all the hints I needed to move forward

I go up to her, and show myself bare

Say hello, and instinctively go right up to her face

Look at her straight in the eyes, propose we sit and talk

Lay it all bare on the table, tell her who I am and where I’m from

Ask her to tell me about herself

She tells me the most interesting stories

I reciprocate with the same

Eventually we go on a few dates, and talk some more

Until one day I confess to her that I noticed her much before, say 3 to 4 months prior

I don’t know what to expect for an answer

And to my surprise, she tells me she noticed me as well,

But was too shy to look me straight in the eyes

And in her baseless confidence, told herself it would be my loss

So she worked and worked and worked at it until she was full of confidence,

And that now all the men wanted her, but that somehow I came out of the pack and she remembered me

I was gaping…I was at once so happy and so surprised…that it made me realize

That all that work…all that absorption of knowledge

Was just so I could speak to her

And that she did the same for me

I wondered how she thought of herself before

Was she much the same as I was?

Perhaps, perhaps not

I know it wasn’t all for naught, I have changed myself for the better

But somehow, I feel that if I had improved on my personality

Perhaps my eyes would have opened sooner.

-Axel Seven
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Re: (Short Story) - From shy, to overly confident and then, a realization

Post by Skunk on Sat Apr 20, 2013 2:38 am

This is incredible! do you ever write lyrics?

I wish I was capable of just letting go and coming up with somethin like this



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Re: (Short Story) - From shy, to overly confident and then, a realization

Post by Recruit Nation on Sat Apr 20, 2013 5:00 am

Holy man...


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Re: (Short Story) - From shy, to overly confident and then, a realization

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