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Post by Recruit Nation on Thu Apr 18, 2013 12:56 am

Skill Trading is a very useful tool for getting help, and giving help.

Lets say hypothetically you have a film you are working on, and you cant afford to get it mastered
by a professional, but you have a skill that you think someone else might be seeking.
Make a post saying what kind of service you are willing to trade for someone to help you with your

Or lets say you are writing a book, and you need your book cover designed.
Theoretically you could make a post saying "I am a writer, who needs an artists help with a book cover"
An artist, perhaps an animator or video game maker, would see that post and say to them self "there is a writer who could potentially help me with story lines and scripts"

We all rely on each other.. Musicians, film makers, artists, writers, game makers, web designers.
So lets get the word out!
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