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1. Do NOT insult or flame other users on the board. If someone insults what you say, that isn't the same as insulting YOU

1.5 DO NOT discuss religion, politics or nationalism (nationalism is defined as discussions about why one country/nation is better than others or why a country/nation is bad) outside the scope of game development.

2. Do NOT discuss how to carry out illegal activities, or any illegal activities you have committed. This includes but is not limited to the use of illegal drugs and piracy.

3. Do NOT post illegal materials.

4. Do NOT post disruptively. This includes, but is not limited to, double posting (posting directly underneath yourself, this is only allowed if 72 hours have passed since your last post), offtopic posts, spamming (which can include one-liners or one-word posts), necroposting (posting in a thread that has been dead for over 30 day), and thread hijacking (posting in another person's thread with your own questions/resources etc. that leads the focus away from the OP and onto you).

5. Do NOT advertise in your posts or profile feed. You may link to your personal site, game, forum, or resources in your signature. You may not advertise for commercial purposes EXCEPT for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other Media Websites.

6. Do NOT have a signature that looks super fuckin lame.

7. Do NOT attempt to take moderation into your own hands.

8. Do NOT encourage drama, such as site wars.

8.5. Do NOT make passive aggressive reports to mods to cause drama. In particular, reporting posts by mods that you disagree with, to make an attack or "troll" towards them. This will no longer be excusable. If you have a problem with a post a moderator made, follow the correct procedures in this thread.

9. Do NOT use EXCESSIVE profanity.

10. Do NOT post sexually explicit content.

11. Do NOT use blue text in your posts. Blue text is used by moderating staff for mod actions to make sure people take notice of what they are saying. Exceptions are made for formatting in opening posts of Project Threads, Tutorial threads, Completed Script threads, and Resource threads if you need something to be very obvious like disclaimers or important instructions. (Since its an opening post, it shouldn't interfere with mod voice.)

12. Do NOT use unreadable colors for your text.

13. Do NOT anger the gorilla.


In all cases of Instant Ban offenses, your account will be first suspended while an investigation is done into the offense. After an investigation is done (which may only take a few minutes depending on the obviousness of your offense), you will be banned. The following are instant ban offenses:

1. Credit theft. Do NOT claim any art, music, scripts, etc. as your own unless you made them. Credit people before submitting a post!

2. Ban/Suspension evading.
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