The Dream State - A World ending

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The Dream State - A World ending Empty The Dream State - A World ending

Post by Aexel7 on Fri Apr 19, 2013 4:49 pm

I dreamt that there was an imminent threat to the human race; some kind of ominous feeling started spreading over every inhabitant of my dream state.
It was that the world was ending, not through some random apocalypse, but rather through a series of bizarre events that we had yet to understand.

As I was going back and forth carefree, going about my “day” as always, adventuring around and interacting with random people, I chanced upon my friend Joey riding a bike in a place that in real life would be equivalent to main street, but wasn’t. I waved at him, we bro-hugged, and then walked side by side talking about getting drunk, as well as current issues of the dream world and heading over to pick up Andrew and Santi.

As we got to pick up destination, there were periodical futuristic flashes of me walking alone, and seeing people come back from a place saying that they had SEEN some oddity, that it was an entity, which, when it fired off, would either infect you to go infect others, or disintegrate your main body, and transform you into a dark shadowy/ghostly being with half of a body, looking up with a gaping mouth, making a high frequency noise.

I started to feel more and more of the unease within the people, until later on, along with our alcohol, the 4 of us headed down to a house, who’s I think the owner would be my friend Chris’s and his family/group of people…everything was fine, as far as that went. We drank and were merry, and slept over during the night. I can’t tell how many days passed that we were in this house since, when I dream of being in that place, we stay for indefinite amounts of time. At some point my Dad called me to either help him with something, or to go meet him somewhere, that part was hazy.

In any case, the next morning I headed over to a downtown equivalent and started hearing more and more rumors, and as I looked over, you would see the curious faces of people staring at the same entities; shells of former humans levitating there, with the same ghostly black figure as the flashes I saw; half a body looking up still gaping with a slightly eerie sound coming from it. I chose not to pay it too much mind, even while panic was starting to settle over by that point.

I headed back to the house I was in before…and if my memory serves me right, things skipped over and all shit broke loose. Santi ran upstairs with Joey to warn me that shit was going down. At that point I could see visions of Andrew using a wooden sword and actually deflecting the dark shots and my friend Chris protecting his partner Roxanne, but ultimately getting turned as well as her, and I’d see exactly how it happened; A quick and swift explosion, followed by an implosion of the shell and everything which would then be replaced by the Dark beings, then a sort of a light shooting upwards from them (perhaps I should’ve taken it as a hint, but I thought I heard Chris say “whoa this is…” as he was being absorbed then shot up). Somehow I had a random flash of my friend Sky quickly turning into an infected, and I couldn't make out her words completely but they seemed to say "it's going to be okay" as she ran right out of the building to complete her work as a carrier. Dark entities were swerving around, you would see those shells of former humans almost everywhere, the ratio would be 2:1 then 4:1 then barely any humans around, and you’d have the “infected” going around shooting every humans they saw, until the standing shells appeared as totems, forming circles, linking each other then spinning, making the eerie sound even more prominent.

I started to run for my life while seeing people being shot or touched and transformed, all my friends and family were turned, everything around me was becoming ruins, I panicked so much and was so afraid that this was how the world was ending until I got shot myself. I guess luckily enough I turned into an infected as opposed to a shell…saw myself just changing sides and understanding what the entity was doing.

When I understood, a great joy overcame me, and I started running to go spread the “infection” towards others, though I was still afraid. Even while I was going to do so, it turned out I was one of the last ones, so I saw myself dashing, then my body and my mind breaking apart as I took one last look at the figures of dark shadows spinning around…then my mind went off.
It was all dark, complete pitch black darkness.

It started to connect with every figures and infected beings that were also breaking down. I could see every person’s perspectives just by looking at them, and then my…or rather all of our collective minds were driven towards a replication of the same place…except our outlooks would be a little different. We would be a little virtual looking, with electric blue or red or pink or yellow or what have you… streaks across our clothing and sometimes faces, Kind of like Tron. The main thing was that all of our minds were completely connected, and there was no bias, and no diseases, and no judgment, and no limit of time, and we were transported in a different reality, while the former shells of our bodies were left behind.

I guess in a way, this dream shows a hostile takeover for a change that could be better for us, or rather…that if we do get completely taken over, we are afraid of such big changes…but that in the end shit will work XD. And I want to make a short film out of that.
- Axel Seven
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