What is happening to music these days?

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What is happening to music these days? Empty What is happening to music these days?

Post by Recruit Nation on Sat Apr 20, 2013 11:56 pm

It has been a growing concern for the last couple of years now, what is happening to the music industry? Some people say it is dying, others say it is changing, and some even claim its remaining the same. However we cannot classify the music industry under one title. There are many different variables and sectors which need to be accounted for. I will not cover them all but the ones I feel are being most affected.

I think it is safe to say the days of sex, drugs and rock n roll are coming to an end. Face it, a lot of us, including myself, were dreaming of becoming a rock star at some point. Did you ever dream of seeing yourself on stage, playing Wimbledon, or some huge stadium with thousands of fans (and fan girls) screaming your name? Or how about those girls lining up to get an autograph (or whatever you are thinking of.) And don't forget the ol' throwing the TV from the hotel window stint. Well these modern times, that whole scene seems like its gone down the drain. Now girls are lining up for boy bands, teen pop idols, and anything symbolic of the mainstream media. No offense to anyone who is into mainstream, I can bare a bit of the mainstream crap until Lady Gaga decides its time to drop in. But hey that's just not my thing. But when you go out to a local gig down the pub, or wherever, its all "Perform, have a drink, and go home."
Yeah I know, what does this have to do with the music industry? Its just bands aren't doing crazy stuff any more? It doesn't have a direct link to the music industry, but it does affect our perception of artists, and also the culture of music. People aren't seeing fun and exciting "rebels" or "bad boys/girls" unless they are watching Nicki Minaj shake her ass up on stage arousing all the teens going through puberty, and the pre pubescent girls who think she is an "idol." Because of this sudden sense of sensibility, regarding to rock, metal, punk, grunge especially, the music industry seems to be losing its color. When I go out to the night clubs, I now only go to try and pick up girls. Hahaha yeah I know pathetic. But what else would I go there for now? I do not like the mainstream music and dubstep, sometime dubstep and mainstream mixed together that they play there. I don't waste my money on the overpriced drinks. OK I've gone off track here, but my point is that mostly people don't go out for music anymore. Sure maybe the few people who actually like the music, but a majority are a bit like me, who just want to get laid.

Technology is probably the biggest influence on the music industry. Better home recording programs and equipment are making recording studios lose business. Now I know what some of you are thinking. But they are expensive! Yes they are. But high quality record worth it. I do like these home recording programs and whatnot etc. but all these upgraded devices and programs can damage the music industry.

That is all for now, however this discussion is not over yet, I will be back soon to finish what I have started, but for now I will leave you to read, analyze, criticize or agree, and share your opinions.


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