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ANOTHER WRITING!!! this one's called "Platonic Love"

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ANOTHER WRITING!!! this one's called "Platonic Love" Empty ANOTHER WRITING!!! this one's called "Platonic Love"

Post by Aexel7 Wed May 01, 2013 11:58 pm

Platonic Love

I think that of all forms and types of love one can experience.

Platonic is the single most peculiar and natural, yet sometimes confusing form that there is.

Because true platonic love, to me, has no real barriers, but it is stable.

And truthfully, I think that because of it, I was confused.

Getting so attached to a particular person, whatever their gender,

Avoiding the possibilities of changing camps

Until I one day sat down and thought of it…

What would I do to, for, with this person?

How do I really feel about them?

If they are male

I wouldn’t exactly want to sleep with them, because I am not interested in a penis, or a lack of boobs or well…female form.

And kissing them, well, wouldn’t hold any sort of romance, but I don’t think I’d particularly mind if it was them,

I don’t want to hold their hands for hours on ends and stare them in the eyes.

But, I would do anything for them, almost anything they asked or wanted,

I’d have their backs, just as I knew they would have mine,

I’d share anything of mine with them,

I wouldn’t hesitate to point out anything I think could help them in any ways.

And I am, generally speaking, attracted to them for who they are.

I feel a little jealous when they become removed because of relationships,

I think about them quite often, wonder how they’re doing,

I think to myself “that IS friendship, isn’t it?”

But I have a lot of friends, and I generally am giving to my friends,

But some of them, I just show my everything to.

I am intoxicated by their presence, I don’t get tired of them,

I like hearing their voice, seeing them act the way they do,

I can sometimes go fucking crazy with comfort and happiness just being near them.

But…again, that’s what friendship is, right?

And I think again…how much I want them around,

When it’s a girl, it’s a little easier to wrap my head around, even though I still think about it,

When it’s a guy, I put myself back in question; is there something more?

And In the ultimate effort to really find out, I put myself through the fire, so to speak.

Testing my own barriers,

Pushing my comfort levels,

I keep seeing times and again that I am not in the least attracted to the same sex,

I’ve been hit on, times and again, sometimes very strongly,

Sometimes I got put into a state of inebriation and re-asked whether I was sure, with little touches and looks.

A couple of time, one tried to awaken the possibility by bringing me to a place

Made full of the love for men to other men,

While feeding me a bunch of alcohol,

And pretending to read my mind,

As well as presenting me to people who would try times and again,

And try to make me jealous of other men while pretending to friendzone me.

And I thought nothing of it, and I was aware of what was going on, and it didn’t phase me,

I even got told straight up “just try it, just do it, I think it’ll be good for you, I really think you have to do it once”

At some point some try to just tell me “stop it, stop denying it, stop it” just to jolt a reaction,

I even slept drunk beside two guys who were trying to get it on and hype me up to get in there.


In the end, I have been influenced in the way that my comfort level became abnormal (because it does all seem pretty normal to

So…what the fuck is it…

I thought of it, time and again, and again, and again,

Because those people in particular, there is something more.

Until at once, after a certain discussion, I figured it out,

Because I wasn’t denying anything, I never was, so I found out.

I love them.

So to speak, I love them, a lot, I really, really, really love them,

It almost sounds disturbing.

It’s got nothing to do with sexual or romantic attraction,

Although when around them in a state of inebriation,

The line does almost get blurred sometimes,

Hell I know that in a bursting moment of overwhelming love,

The way I am now, I’d probably kiss the crap out of them,

Whether it’s one of the guys or one of the girls.

But it’s comfortable otherwise.

It’s a pretty cool feeling.

Feels like, coming out of the closet and finding out you’re still straight, but got a mighty soft side for those you care about.

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